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Winter Wonders....

on Friday, 27 April 2012. Posted in General

How to create Blissful Winter Hair....


As the wind swirls up and the temperature plummets to a shocking BELOW 20...We all start to show our queensland spirit and rug up like eskimos! This is a great time of year where there is almost NO HUMIDITY and NO SWEAT!!! so for all us hair loving blowdry junkies we are in Heaven..

During the coolest months we rug our bodies up, slap on our boots and moisturize our skin to protect ourselves from the cool temperatures of Auntum and Winter have to offer... Unfortunately many of us forget our hair...  A good indication of ignored locks is you notice that your once silky smooth ends are becomming crunchy, curly hair almost resembles the texture of steelo, fine hair is sticking to your face and feeling like fairy floss. If you answered yes to any of these then your hair is suffering the dreaded WINTER BLUES!!!

No mattter what worked for you in summer and spring a change of season means a change of hair regeme.

Most people just need to add a treatment once per week...  Kevin Murphy has a great line of treatments that will save any hair type from the blues!!!

Here are some great products on how to tame the Winter hair blues....


Shave For a Cure!!!!

on Sunday, 08 April 2012. Posted in General

Off With Their Hair....

Have you ever had a day when your hair just won't do what its told and all you want to do is just shave it off!  A drastic thought i know, but it happens every so often. Could you imagine actually going through with it? Most people would'nt. Which is why the slogan for "The Worlds Gratest Shave" (Be Brave and Shave) is so appropriate. Personally i don't have the Chutzpah to go through with such a thing! The  wonderfull Staff at Redhill Special school however are made of TOUGH STUFF!!!
It was my pleassure to assist Vice Principals Ian and Jacinta along with the lovely Lisa, Holly, Amelia, Rhonda and Tim. For the RHSS World Gratest Shave Fundraiser!
Jacinta and Rhonda had thier hair coloured in crazy pinks, purples and greens! Lisa, Holly, Amelia and Tim went the whole Hog with the "no blade shave" While Ian opted for a no blade pink mo-hawke combo! it was a great afternoon and everyone had a ball... including myself! There is something quite liberating [i hear] about shaving your head!  It was quite a fun expierience to be the liberator!
The school raised a substantial amount of money towards Cancer research and was kind enough to send us this email along with pictures from the day...
Thank you to Siobhan and Apruzzese for helping our team raised over $6000 in the World's Greatest Shave. The World's Greatest Shave raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation's important work – providing free practical and emotional support to people with blood cancer and their families, as well as investing millions in research. Apruzzese donated their time to help us shave and colour our hair, and have lots of laughs doing it! It is a wonderful cause and a wonderful day, so thanks again for contribution.
Kind Regards,
The Red Hill Special School team

The Christening

on Wednesday, 07 March 2012. Posted in General

"Albert MacDonald Lang Apruzzese"

Wow isn't he growing!!! The lil new addition to the Apruzzese clan has been dunked in water and christened at "Our Lady of Victories" church on 19th Feb wearing the traditional Scottish "Hunting Kilt"

Here is a collection of pics of the little fellows day, looking just super cute!!!!!!

Food For Thought

on Monday, 20 February 2012. Posted in General

Some Interesting Words.....

Zimbellare   (Italian meaning.... to lure, to entice.)
Zazzera  (Italian meaning ....mop of hair.)

"Apruzzese" originates from Vico Del Gargano (Italian city of LOVE)... but we think it sounds better coming from Abuzzo, Italy....

In English "Apruzzese" means.... "Sexy in tight pants" hahhaa.. :p

Welcome 2012!

on Thursday, 09 February 2012. Posted in General

Its here.....

The new year is well and truly here..... The BIG 2012!
So far so good as we haven't been almost washed away like the previous year, so it been a great start!!

What are the plans for Apruzzese you may ask... well we do have a very exciting year ahead... literally a HEAD!
As you all know we have now been in new address for over a year!!! Actually it was our "birthday" on Nov 17th 2011... The time flew, Christmas celebrations and babies were pumping out everywhere and we missed our Bday...!!! Who misses their 1st birthday!!!!
You will have to stay tuned for our up coming "reinvention" of our 1st Paddington Bday party!!!

Kevin Murphy has been expanding his amazing product line and the team has been experimenting with all the new lovely gems in the salon. So your next visit I'm sure will get your hair full of these new smells and textures the amazing Kevin Murphy has to offer..

Mannu is storming out with the "wax pot" and "tanning machine"!! ... She has been trained up, smoothing out and bronzing many of our clients already!! So if you haven't booked in with her yet this year I strongly advise you to get in quick!

All in all this year will be truly AMAZING!! We have many plans in the pipe line and all really look forward to seeing you and sculpting your hair through out 2012!!!! 

Here is a lil pic for your eyes to drool over.... ;p

Waxing our way to a Smooth luscious body!!!

on Monday, 26 December 2011. Posted in General

What are the dos and donts to keep your skin smooth for summer!

Its all about the beautiful silky smooth soft skin on show when the heat is pumping up and all we want to wear our fav bikinis, shorts and skirts..
Who really has time to spend in the shower to shave every week? What is the better option?? Waxing!!!! Its a great way to stay smoother for longer...

Most people have tried waxing, not all have been told the right way to both prepare and look after your waxed areas afterwards. Resulting in ingrown hairs and little lumpy parts on our legs

Before your visit to the salon.....

1. Prep your skin with a sponge and moisturising body wash.

2. Hair should be approx 1cm in length.

At home care.....

1. Exfoliate once per week. 

2. Use a good moisturiser over your skin.

At Apruzzese we have a slightly different technique to remove any missed hairs after the waxing. Its done using thread (threading technique) to pull out any strays.. this provides a much smoother result and also is less painful rather then having metal tweezers on your freshly waxed sensitive skin.

To celebrate Summer and the party season.. why don't you mention our blog and tell your friends because we are offering 50% off all body waxing until the end of January! So quickly email us or give us a call!!!!

The Season to Party!

on Saturday, 19 November 2011. Posted in General

Its time to pull out the frocks do your locks fling on your jewels......

Its that time again, the last 2 months of the year filled with parties and functions. Struggling though the working weeks trying to recoup from the previous weekend of sipping champers, nibbling our "Caviar" and all sorts of Christmas treats!
We all want to look our usual amazing self but adding that "zinggy" edge can be for some, challenging.
So Apruzzese is here to help!
Here are some tips to updating your wardrobe and ways to keep your hair fresh and flowing with ease!
We all have that over worn favorite black dress in our closet, what shall we do with it??? Team it with some of the seasons newest accessories... greens reds blues and orange! ??? Take advantage of this season as its full of all colours, just about anything will go.
Up for something new! Even if your going to a Sunday bbq or a cocktail event have a look at the images from some of our favorite Australian designers Easton Pearson, Dogstar and Sass and Bide!!
Hair... which I will add is our "specialty" Always keep your hair trimmed and freshly coloured, this with out a doubt makes styling a breeze! Do a treatment once a fortnight to maintain luster and shine. We love Kevin Murphy's Born Again Mask.
Its also necessary to have the right equipment, like a nozzle for straight blowdrys, velcro or hot rollers if you cant get the hang of your dryer.
And practice does make perfect, don't give up with your styling!
Makeup... For DIY be sure to have a good quality set of lashes! It can really boost your total look! We love "Shu uemua" they specialise in eyelashes ( Ive worn mine more than 10 times and they still look amazing!!) and have all kinds of amazing make up goodies that will make your look professional every time.
Follow these tips to help you on your way to looking absolutely fabulous this party season!!!

The Ins and Outs of Hair and Your Personality.

on Wednesday, 02 November 2011. Posted in General

Does you hair suit your personality........

From cut to colour a blonde to red.... is it true that blondes have more fun?... Are red heads more firey?
As it happens I myself am a natural redhead. I must say that underneath yes, I am firey yet relaxed... Maybe that's because I occasionally add a "lil" brown to the red which creates that relaxed hue ....

So do the people who are notorious for changing their hair colour extremely moody ???? OR do they just follow the hair trends...
These are questions you may ask your self when thinking about this theory.... How to find the real answers? Lets bring out the "myth buster" Apruzzese style....

As some of you know I have been passing around a short survey to help me conclude this discussion... But rather then doing that it actually opened a whole new can of worms!!! I found out some very interesting stuff!!!

Curly hair people get treated less seriously then the "straight haired" wow!!!! So now I'm not only firey underneath but not serious... hummmm some may agree ... Also that younger men are naturally attracted to the "blondes" and as they mature prefer the brunette... And only the brave ones try their luck with the "Firey Red Heads"

So yes as you may have thought those who are naturally RED or dipped their locks into the ever so tempting colour bowl and made it one of the lovely yet firey red/copper tones.... its made them feel more "Trendy" and "Alert"
They are more likely to attempt shoving that trolley ever so subtly to knock into the person blocking the shopping isle... but when it comes to the home and socially, most will hang out making the best of their situation ... until its gone too far... then ..... ***KABOOM*** bonfire for all!!!
The "BLONDE" family is something most have at least tried and tested.. Being the colour most famous for "Having fun " and Ditzy .... yet I think this can be confused with them just having fun.. A lot of Blondie's feel super confident yet sometimes shy.. You think they would always be the life of the party (which I think is true... from watching my blonde buddies) but as results came flooding in from my myth busting survey most of these fun loving creamy locked stunners are quite happy to join their friends at the table in a party and chill all night..

Last but not least "BRUNETTES" Always previously thought to be the serious sharp types..
But at Apruzzese these smooth sassy chocolate babes experiment more then the rest of us!!! Mostly changing their hair at least 5 times in the last 5 years AND some more than 10! Going from darkest browns to lighter shade of caramels and even emerging into the blonde!!!

So what did we learn from this extremely interesting experiment???

Well as it stands it truly doesn't matter what colour you are "Naturally" or "Salon Naturally"
Be the colour that suits your skin tone, hair texture and length and you cant go wrong!  No matter what colour you are... if it suits you, you will be full of life, fun and confident... Because it is something that doesn't need to be proven.... Your hair is one of the most important things in making you feel AMAZING!!!!

Introducing Threading

on Sunday, 16 October 2011. Posted in General

The cotton thread experience.....

An age old technique developed in Middle Asia and now spreading quickly into the western world..

Come in, meet Manu and try the latest technique in facial hair removal.

On your first visit with Manu you will receive 50% off your services..

It's the perfect opportunity to experience this fabulous technique and totally pamper yourself!!!!!

Limited time only

Conditions appy

Please call us for any questions or details.


ITS A BOY!!!!!!!!

on Saturday, 15 October 2011. Posted in General

Little Mr Albert........

As most of us know Sandra has been carrying a HUGE basket ball under her shirt now for the past 9 months and finally its out!!!!!!

We would like to introduce to you ALBERT MACDONALD LANG APRUZZESE !!!!!!

He jumped out at 1.40pm October 17th 2011 48.5cm long and weighing 6 pound 5.5 ounces!!!

Looking just adorable (which was to be expected)  both Sandra and Lincoln are extremely happy and are doing well! Big Brother Henri is ecstatic about his new lil brother even though he keeps saying "NO" and putting his head down, I'm sure the Love will grow and the two Apruzzese boys will be the best of mates!!!! 
Here is lil Albert's first picture!!!


Spring and Summer!!!!

on Tuesday, 11 October 2011. Posted in General

Our Top Three DIY Summer Styles.....

Top 3 DIY quick styling techniqes for summer!

1.  The Beach Wavvve!!!! for long wavy hair ...

Products Kevin Murphy "Powder Puff'  MOP C - System "Texture Styling Spray"

On freshly washed hair spritz C-System spray through mid lengths ends. Twist in big clumps into spirals. Dry off with your fingers in a scrunching motion till 80% dry.
Shake "Powder Puff" through the top and ends now flick and shake your hair around...

2. LION Curls!!!!!!  for the tighter curly hair...

Products Kevin Murphy "Motion Lotion"  and Evo "Liquid rollers"

Like a lion be ferocious with the amount of product used, the more the better!!!! Do not comb your hair before you apply the product only comb with a wide tooth comb when conditioner is in....
Apply product to freshly washed hair use even amounts of the 2 products. Let dry naturally...

3. Summer it up.. dooooo!!!!! for long hair...

Products Evo "Shape Vixen"  and "Builders Paradise hair spray"....
Dry in shape Vixen pull hair to the side and platt... tie up the ends and pull gently pull out the sides of the platt to make a ruffled weaved look. Mist over with Builders Paradise.....

The Beginning

on Tuesday, 20 September 2011. Posted in General

Welcome to our first blog post! :)

Welcome to our Blog!!!

We'd love to take this opportunity to express how excited we are to finally get Apruzzese in full "On Line" force!! Yes I know everything has been like this for a long time now but for Apruzzese its a sign of the new things to come!!  Since our Fabulous move from the city to the Amazing suburb Paddington, we have been absolutely pumping! Which is a great reassurance to Sandra (owner) that the decision was perfect!

Well Spring is finally here and there are some great new looks out for this season! Think luscious warm hues mixed with soft streaming waves......

Its time to revive that hair and pull out the flowing dresses from the wardrobe and welcome the spring! ! To make things even better we are loving all the beautiful wedges around!!! Especially these Brown leather wedges with amazing detail from Prada!