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The Ins and Outs of Hair and Your Personality.

on Wednesday, 02 November 2011. Posted in General

Does you hair suit your personality........

The Ins and Outs of Hair and Your Personality.

From cut to colour a blonde to red.... is it true that blondes have more fun?... Are red heads more firey?
As it happens I myself am a natural redhead. I must say that underneath yes, I am firey yet relaxed... Maybe that's because I occasionally add a "lil" brown to the red which creates that relaxed hue ....

So do the people who are notorious for changing their hair colour extremely moody ???? OR do they just follow the hair trends...
These are questions you may ask your self when thinking about this theory.... How to find the real answers? Lets bring out the "myth buster" Apruzzese style....

As some of you know I have been passing around a short survey to help me conclude this discussion... But rather then doing that it actually opened a whole new can of worms!!! I found out some very interesting stuff!!!

Curly hair people get treated less seriously then the "straight haired" wow!!!! So now I'm not only firey underneath but not serious... hummmm some may agree ... Also that younger men are naturally attracted to the "blondes" and as they mature prefer the brunette... And only the brave ones try their luck with the "Firey Red Heads"

So yes as you may have thought those who are naturally RED or dipped their locks into the ever so tempting colour bowl and made it one of the lovely yet firey red/copper tones.... its made them feel more "Trendy" and "Alert"
They are more likely to attempt shoving that trolley ever so subtly to knock into the person blocking the shopping isle... but when it comes to the home and socially, most will hang out making the best of their situation ... until its gone too far... then ..... ***KABOOM*** bonfire for all!!!
The "BLONDE" family is something most have at least tried and tested.. Being the colour most famous for "Having fun " and Ditzy .... yet I think this can be confused with them just having fun.. A lot of Blondie's feel super confident yet sometimes shy.. You think they would always be the life of the party (which I think is true... from watching my blonde buddies) but as results came flooding in from my myth busting survey most of these fun loving creamy locked stunners are quite happy to join their friends at the table in a party and chill all night..

Last but not least "BRUNETTES" Always previously thought to be the serious sharp types..
But at Apruzzese these smooth sassy chocolate babes experiment more then the rest of us!!! Mostly changing their hair at least 5 times in the last 5 years AND some more than 10! Going from darkest browns to lighter shade of caramels and even emerging into the blonde!!!

So what did we learn from this extremely interesting experiment???

Well as it stands it truly doesn't matter what colour you are "Naturally" or "Salon Naturally"
Be the colour that suits your skin tone, hair texture and length and you cant go wrong!  No matter what colour you are... if it suits you, you will be full of life, fun and confident... Because it is something that doesn't need to be proven.... Your hair is one of the most important things in making you feel AMAZING!!!!

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