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Waxing our way to a Smooth luscious body!!!

on Monday, 26 December 2011. Posted in General

What are the dos and donts to keep your skin smooth for summer!

Its all about the beautiful silky smooth soft skin on show when the heat is pumping up and all we want to wear our fav bikinis, shorts and skirts..
Who really has time to spend in the shower to shave every week? What is the better option?? Waxing!!!! Its a great way to stay smoother for longer...

Most people have tried waxing, not all have been told the right way to both prepare and look after your waxed areas afterwards. Resulting in ingrown hairs and little lumpy parts on our legs

Before your visit to the salon.....

1. Prep your skin with a sponge and moisturising body wash.

2. Hair should be approx 1cm in length.

At home care.....

1. Exfoliate once per week. 

2. Use a good moisturiser over your skin.

At Apruzzese we have a slightly different technique to remove any missed hairs after the waxing. Its done using thread (threading technique) to pull out any strays.. this provides a much smoother result and also is less painful rather then having metal tweezers on your freshly waxed sensitive skin.

To celebrate Summer and the party season.. why don't you mention our blog and tell your friends because we are offering 50% off all body waxing until the end of January! So quickly email us or give us a call!!!!

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